World Nuclear Spotlight is a unique approach to supporting countries that have plans for new nuclear energy capacity. It brings together key national and international stakeholders involved in advancing such plans and provides an opportunity to exchange information and experience.

Around 100 industry leaders and decision makers will come together in Rio de Janeiro on 3 April 2019 for World Nuclear Spotlight Brazil. Brazilian representatives will present the scope of their nuclear energy programme to global nuclear industry leaders and stakeholders, whilst the international nuclear community will demonstrate its support to the country’s nuclear programme development. Participants will exchange views on the specific needs for Brazil, the global landscape, and opportunities for the country in driving forward its nuclear power plans.

  • Event organized by World Nuclear Association in collaboration with ABDAN

  • Conference bringing together 100 leaders and decision makers

  • High-level meeting with selected representatives from industry and the Brazilian government 

"The World Nuclear Spotlight conference followed by the high-level meeting in Jakarta were the best that I have ever attended as Chairman of Parliament Nuclear Caucus."

Dr. Kurtubi, Parliamentary Caucus for Nuclear on World Nuclear Spotlight Indonesia, February 2018.

"World Nuclear Spotlight Poland has attracted a lot of interest from all parties involved in the Polish nuclear power programme, and was a very successful event in the context of our ambition to diversify our energy mix."

Dr Józef Sobolewski, Director of Nuclear Energy Department, Polish Ministry of Energy, on World Nuclear Spotlight Poland, November 2018.